When the Sun Climbs Over Popo

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  3. Rock Climbing in The Sweat Lodge, Lander Area
  4. The Local Guides

Arrive in Mexico City m.

Stolen Child

Transfer to the hotel. Day 2. Transfer to the beautiful Cassa Malinche m.

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Rest and acclimatisation at this remote year old Hacienda. Day 3. Drive to the Cabanas in the pine forest at Malinche National Park at m 45mins drive. Further acclimatisation. Day 4. Climb Malinche m easy paths over rocky volcanic terrain, steep in places. Good views of Itza and Orizba.

Day 5. Transfer by car to the Altzomoni refuge m on Iztaccihuatl. Day 6. Trek to El Grupo de Los Cien hut, at m 4hrs. Carry sleeping bags, camping mats and extra food. Easy walking terrain - sometimes snow covered. The hut is very basic. Day 7. It takes 8 to 10 hours to climb to the summit and back down to La Joya. Transfer to Cholula m. Day 8.

Day 9. We travel approximately kilometres by road in our 4-wheel drive vehicles. Day Climb to the summit of Pico de Orizaba m. A pre-dawn start is needed to reach the summit before snow conditions deteriorate in the midday sun. The round trip, back to the Piedra Grande Hut will take around 13 hrs. Return to Mexico City. Hotel accommodation. Thursday, 21 November That's it now, no more talking.

After a few minutes, he said, "I'm really excited about this climb Bob stayed awake the entire night. We rolled up the tents and packed them into inconspicuous places in the car, since this parking lot had a reputation for theft. We put one tent into the engine compartment. After a gourmet breakfast of broken crackers, moldy cheese, and summer sausage, we started at a.


The trail was poorly lit by the light of a gibbous moon. Route finding was easy, since the route, named La Arista del Sol Ridge of the Sun , was heavily traveled and covered with footprints. Paul led through deep sand. I brought up the rear, tuning out the world in favor of selected Boston hits on a Walkman.

We passed three climbers, noting with satisfaction that they wore parkas inferior to ours fashion snobbery strikes again! The trail was incalculably dull. The labor was akin to jogging up a sand dune, and about as exciting. For most of us, each step upward was a new altitude record, so we anxiously gauged our bodies for early signs of altitude sickness. Bob Audretsch led, with Charlie Winger in the rear.

Winger stopped us every half hour for a break, and told dirty stories at each stop.

Rock Climbing in The Sweat Lodge, Lander Area

We followed circles painted on the rocks, with a slash through the circles indicating the direction of the trail. We regained the ridge at perhaps 15, feet, where the wind speed increased. The temperature remained in the mid degree range, which was quite pleasant. We continued on, this time switching back to the original side of the peak. The moon's light did not illuminate this area, so we turned on our headlamps. After more interminable slogging, we reached the Republica de Chile and Iglu huts at 15, feet.

Pop Evil - Waking Lions (Official Music Video)

One hut was nearly destroyed. The other one housed someone, since we saw a lamp burning inside. This height easily broke Matt's altitude record. We were already higher than Europe's Mont Blanc. We then tackled what is easily the worst stretch on the peak, a high angle talus slope, which angles up to the Esperanza Lopez Mateos Hut at 15, feet. Volcanic ash provides the climber with no solid footholds, and therefore high-angle ash is a debilitating experience to climb.

Poor Conditions Itinerary

We slid back a full step for every two steps forward. The right-hand side of the slope contained some rock formations, so we scrambled into the rocks for more solid climbing conditions. The geodesic dome hut is strategically located in a rock outcropping where it can be hit by the full force of the wind.

https://dreadsispaibeale.tk Someday it will be torn from its foundations by a gust of wind and careen down the slopes like a giant golf ball. No one caring for a good night's sleep would consider the place. We crowded into it to change into wind shell clothing, since the wind was howling outside. The door would not close, and kept banging open whenever a new gust of wind arrived.

The Local Guides

The place was sturdily constructed, and was infested with both rats and a degenerate species of climber. We backed out warily, ice axes in hand, and headed for the safety of our tents. I had previously experienced such standard altitude problems as nausea and headaches. On Ixta, since we had not bothered to acclimatize, additional aches and pains were to be expected. Beginning at the geodesic dome hut, Paul and I both experienced minor pains in the lower back area.

Since the backpacks were small and light, they should not have caused any pain. By default, the pain must have been caused by the altitude. The pains disappeared during our subsequent descent from the summit. We continued on around a long ridge, passed a group of climbers, and came upon our first patch of snow at almost 17, feet. We clambered down a low-angled pitch of hard snow with a consistency verging on that of ice.

A slip in this area would have meant little, since the bowl flattened a few yards below us. We had not bothered to bring crampons, and found that ice axes were adequate to maintain balance. The snow bowl extended for a quarter of a mile. On the far side of it was the only crevasse on the peak, a gaping affair that was easily bypassed on the right. There was little chance of falling into hidden crevasses, since the snow was hard and could have supported a truck. The final section of the snow bowl was the most dangerous, featuring a sharp run-out over the edge of Ixta. However, only someone with serious balance problems would slip in that spot.

The summit cone looks like Mount Uncompahgre in Colorado -- big and blocky. As the sun was warming the area, we stopped to shed clothes and examine the cone. We were really feeling the effects of the altitude now, and carried on at a reduced pace. We reached the 17,foot summit of Ixta at a.

It was littered with orange rinds and banana peels. The view was obscured in most directions by a thin layer of pollution from Mexico City. However, the fine cone of Popo rose nearby, topping out slightly higher than Ixta. Sporting minor high-altitude headaches, we walked back through the snow bowl. The sun turned the bowl into a solar oven, and we were soon reduced to our innermost layers of clothing. My goggle lenses were thoroughly fogged over. We stopped for a break at the geodesic dome hut.