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Why Genesis Matters - Part 3 - The Gospel Message

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Is Genesis History? Feature Film

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Why Genesis Matters Today 1 of 6

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Let's Connect x. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Daily Devotionals x. Daily Bible Reading Plans x. Recently Popular Pages x. Recently Popular Media x. Before we begin our study of the specific difficulties found in Genesis, we need to examine a few introductory issues.

We will consider how the book of Genesis received its name, the main divisions of the book, and, above all, the reason the book was written. In ancient times a book was usually named after its first two or three words.

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Genesis was no exception. His love of Christ and his Word swept him along. The same fire still burned that once drove him to coauthor one of the most seminal books of the twentieth century, despite a full teaching load and a growing family.

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He asked if we could open with prayer. Like so many others, Dr. Whitcomb accepted evolution as a lost young man. He loved science, and in his first semester at Princeton University he enrolled in an evolutionary geology course. But God changed his thinking soon after he was invited to a Bible class taught by Dr. Donald Fullerton, a Princeton graduate who had become a missionary to students on campus.

Fullerton later visited Whitcomb in his dorm. Whitcomb explained.

Why Genesis Matters | DVD | Dr. Tommy Mitchell | AIG

Within one hour I was a born-again Christian. One hour? He could sense my question before I asked it. Its light is self-authenticating. That was my experience. Even though he abandoned evolution, Dr. At Grace Theological Seminary, I just adopted the general view of the evangelical world at that time, that there was a gap between Genesis and , millions of years passed, and then God recreated the world in six days. In the fall of a leading expert in hydrodynamics water motion came to his community to give a one-hour lecture on the biblical Flood and its power to lay down the fossil layers we see today.

The speaker, Dr. The clear statements from Scripture, which Dr. Whitcomb had never thought through, convinced him, even before he finished speaking. I can see now where I have been in total error. Pray for me as I write my doctoral dissertation on what the Bible says about the Flood. After he completed his dissertation , he asked Dr.